RAVEstudio, LLC.

No. We are not a dance club.  But we are more fun than a mosh pit!

RAVE is an acronym for rendering, animation and video editing.  RAVEstudio's two founders, Mike Mortensen and Patrick Rio, started RAVEstudio in 1999. With roots in the field of Architecture, RAVE's founders began at the very beginning of computer modeling in three dimensions.  Using the foundation in modeling buildings, RAVEstudio was started as a vender to Architects for modeling and rendering services. From there RAVEstudio branched out into product modeling and animation as well as video production and interactive environments for the web.

Our fundamental goal with each and every project is to make sure we meet our clients budget and schedule with a quality product.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our services or process.

RAVEstudio, LLC.  309 N. Water Street Suite 360 Milwaukee, WI 53202 414-727-6846

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